Future of Information Management

404 – PANEL: The Future of Data Governance

May 1, 2017 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

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Ankur Laroia
Thomas Serven
Allen Crane

Aided by digital technologies, organizations are collecting more data than ever before. As a result, the management of mission-critical knowledge, which includes ensuring its integrity, usability and security, is a complex process. Now, organizations are pressed to not only understand what information they hold but how to act on it for desired business outcomes. The purpose of this session is to examine the future strategies and approaches for data governance and how organizations can fundamentally put its data to work. This session will showcase how real-world practitioners in the financial services industry are beginning to identify the value of their information and leveraging it for business results.

You’ll return to your organization with:

  • Industry research from Gartner and AIIM on the state of information reuse
  • Tactics to identify mission-critical knowledge
  • Recommendations for managing information through its life cycle and connecting it to a desired business action

Data Governance, Information Management, Value of Information, Financial Services