Customer Communications 2.0

208 – Success Factors for Customer Communications Management

May 2, 2017 10:30 am - 11:20 am

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James K. Watson, Jr., PhD

In a time where customers expect dynamic, intuitive and two-way communications, simply pushing out your critical customer communications to the customer won’t cut it anymore. Yet, what separates those organizations with superior customer communications management (CCM) programs from those that are seriously falling behind in a customer experience-intensive environment? The purpose of this session is to show how you can invest in your CCM future and how to successfully execute on your strategy and plan. This session will showcase two different approaches taken by different firms to execute on their CCM strategy to deliver business outcomes.

You’ll return to your organization with:

  • An understanding that selling the investment in the program is different than executing on it
  • Two clear paths to executing on the CCM program over time
  • Best practices that will lead to success and the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid

Customer Communications, Strategy, Execution, Customer Experience