Customer Communications 2.0

206 – CASE STUDY: Designing for Purpose: Allowing Strategic Communication Goals to Influence the Design Process

May 2, 2017 8:30 am - 9:20 am

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Randy Beals
Angelina Colbert

Every communication has an intended purpose for being delivered to the customer, but most communications have not been specifically designed for that intended purpose. The purpose of this session is to show how a “design for purpose” methodology can help to achieve strategic objectives relative to accelerated revenue, reduced cost and an improved customer experience. This session will showcase the data-driven redesign process of a customer billing statement by Apria Healthcare and share concepts that you can use within your own organization as you seek to optimize the customer journey.

You’ll return to your organization with:

  • An awareness of how customer communications impact strategic goals
  • Principles used to design communications “for purpose”
  • Key metrics used to measure success

Data Analytics, Business Empowerment, Customer Engagement, Customer Communications