Managing Content & Channels

103 – Designing a Communication Platform for Superior Customer Engagement

May 1, 2017 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

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Joel Mazza

People expect a smooth, unified and straightforward communication experience, but organizations are challenged to provide both control and flexibility in how employees, partners and systems engage external stakeholders. The purpose of this session is to highlight two-way communication capabilities needed at critical points of customer engagement and the role of digital technology in providing better communication, engagement and customer experiences. This session will also showcase a real-world example of remote credit applications and fulfillment.

You’ll return to your organization with:

  • Steps to integrate systems of engagement (including mobile devices and web applications) with back-end legacy systems (a.k.a. systems of record)
  • The capabilities of digital technology to ensure information accuracy and people productivity during information-intensive customer communications and engagements
  • An achievable and unified omni-channel strategy that enables multiple communication channels during a single customer interaction

Omni-Channel, Customer Engagement, Customer Communications, Digital Transformation, Financial Services