Bridgeport, CT – EventEvolution Management Inc., producers of DOCUMENT Strategy Forum, May 12-14 at the Hyatt Regency, Greenwich, CT, have set the industry standard for defining content strategy.

“Unless you can clearly define your educational mission, it’s a difficult task to build a conference and market its value to potential attendees,” said Joel Dunkel, President, EventEvolution Management, Inc., producers of DOCUMENT Strategy Forum. “With that in mind, we tasked our Advisory Board with defining and setting the industry standard for what content strategy means in their world. Their definition is now the backbone for which our 2015 conference program is built upon,” continues Dunkel.

DOCUMENT Strategy Forum defines “content strategy” as any strategic business objective focused on managing information that is intended for business stakeholders, from customers and partners to internal business users. This information can include everything from branding, marketing, voice files and the document template (or the “container”) where these “words” reside, to emails, reports, project documents, policies, blog posts, presentations, text messages or IMs. Content is how we interact with customers, partners and employees through the business information that is shared with them, sent to them, collaborated with or communicated to them.

In keeping with the above, DOCUMENT Strategy Forum has developed a peer-driven, peer-reviewed and peerapproved seven-track conference program that follows the key content strategy life cycle phases and mapped it against the key functional roles within the organization, such as Strategy, Governance, Process and Technology. Those functional roles are strategic touchpoints that exist within every organization and are ones in which all stakeholders play a key role in.

Attendees are encouraged to follow a specific track focused on their individual educational needs or customize their learning experience by choosing from any of the sessions taking place over the three-day conference. “I am very proud of the conference we have built. Our Advisory Board has been instrumental in driving not just content but also how it should be marketed to their peers. They are on the frontlines of the industry, and their input and direction are invaluable,” explains Allison Lloyd, Conference Director, DOCUMENT Strategy Forum.


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